The hunt for a fabulous vintage piece can often be quite daunting and complicated. Knowing which webshop you can trust, what piece to invest in and what to look for when you’re shopping second-hand designer items can be hard. If you’re still looking for that perfect designer treat, I have made a list of the best places to shop vintage:

1) webshops + in-store

The easiest and most trust-worthy places to shop preloved designer items are webshops that have an actual store you can visit. Being able to see, feel and try on the designer item in real life gives you a much better impression of the piece. Plus it allows you to do a cheeky authenticity inspection yourself if you don’t fully trust it.

My favorite? Labellov in Antwerp. They provide a real luxury experience from the interior of the shop to their customer service and have a great selection of preloved goods. You can shop online or go to their showroom. A great shop for those who truly love the vintage hunt is Etoile Luxury Vintage. When you enter one of their shops in Amsterdam the treasure hunt truly begins. I recommend browsing through their website before visiting their store to have a good overview of the selection!

2) Insta store

There’s no doubt that if you’re an Instagram fanatic you’ve seen some fabulous Instagram vintage accounts passing by. Over the years these accounts have been popping up everywhere and rightfully so because the vintage market is booming. Although these accounts may look appealing, it’s harder to separate the authentic pieces from the counterfeits. My advice? Turn on notifications for the page so you never miss anything. When interested in a product, do your research and ask for additional pictures in a DM. My fav accounts?

Le Vintage

The Vintage Bar

Hangover Chic

3) Webshop only

Just like Instagram accounts, there are tons of webshops out there selling preloved luxury goods. Finding one you can trust can be quite the challenge as most of them allow resellers to post things without them checking the items in advance. Vestiaire Collective is one of those websites. It has an incredible variety of luxury designer items for both men and women but the tricky part is that they only get authenticated once the item is sold. My advice? Verify if your item ticks all of the boxes by asking the owner for extra pictures. Other webshops to look at are designer vintage, the next closet and even Ebay but be very careful with the latter.

Now that you’ve got all the tools to look for that unique designer piece, I think it’s time to put them into practice. Happy shopping!

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