Autumn is in full swing and that means beautiful colourful leaves are falling from the trees. On the runway you always see those colours coming back so of course I couldn’t stay behind. This is a simple but effective autumnal outfit with a hint of mustardy yellow.


I know this print isn’t groundbreaking for spring but for autumn it sure is! Try to add some flower power to your wardrobe for trendy ensembles. An easy way to do that is by getting an embroidered bag. It adds a special touch to every outfit and makes you flourish.


It’s time for a throwback to your childhood because pom poms are all the rage again. When you were young you probably had them on your hair elastics but today you’ll find them on jumpers, bobble hats and even on earrings. They’re the perfect way to make your outfit just that little bit more autumnal.

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