If you had told me I’d be wearing cycling shorts this summer, I would have called you mad! Needless to say, I have officially caved in and fallen in love with the trend. These shorts keep me cool during the heat wave, give any outfit that athleisure aesthetic and make me feel sporty when in reality I haven’t hit the gym in 5000 years. Talk about a triple threat!

Making a cycling piece look fashionable however, is not a ride in the park (pun intended). But, I have 3 looks to give you some styling inspo. Think casual, dressy and chic!


For the first ronde de mode we are cycling all the way back to the eighties (I know this isn’t back to the future but one can dream right?). This ensemble has a neon pink touch referring back to an era where bold shades were all the rage. A pair of dad sneakers give the look an even sportier feel but the blazer balances everything out.


We have arrived at the second round of our tour de mode: mount elegance. Think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl for this look with her ever so iconic headband. Unlike Blair a big budget isn’t needed, just go browse around a vintage shop to find the perfect printed shirt. Pair with a Prada inspired headband: think wide and silky for this one. Biker shorts have never looked classier!


For the final round of our tour, we have seen the (lime) light. This season your colour palette should consist of lots of pastels with a hint of lime. One of my favourite fashion inspirations, Stephanie Broek, sure knows how to style the shade. To get the perfect green touch, wear a button-down top with an all-black ensemble. Pair with elegant mules (another must have this season), a pearl bag and a headband for a casual chic look.

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