Rolemodels, everyone has at least one of them. As a fashion blogger, I have always looked up to a few different people. Some because of the way they write and others for their pictures. Today, there are two bloggers that are by far my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion and blogging.

Samantha Maria:

Samantha Maria is my absolute favourite fashion youtuber and blogger. Having followed her for several years, I’ve seen her content getting better and better. She’s a styling graduate so I really admire her ability to create the perfect outfits.

In her blogposts and videos you can feel the passion she has for fashion. Every word you read seems so personal yet it doesn’t feel like you’re reading someone’s diary. I also like that she embeds links to all of the clothes in her blogposts so it’s easy to buy them.

The photos on her blog are slightly bigger than I would like them to be because that way you have to scroll too much. However I do like the pictures she uploads because you can tell she puts a lot of thought into them.

Go check out her blog over here:


I recently discovered this blog and I am absolutely obsessed. Shot from the street is a blog by Lizzy Hadfield, a blogger and youtuber from Manchester. She makes videos on the latest trends and tests the best basics.

What I specifically love about her blog is that she creates such original content. The photos she uses often have handwriting on them, which is something I haven’t seen on any other blogs. It adds a nice personal touch to her blogposts because you feel closer to the author.

The layout of her blog is also very interesting. Even though her photos are too large for my liking, as are Samantha Maria’s, she has a unique theme. Her banner has gifs of herself in it with brightly coloured letters on top. I had never seen anyone do that so I loved the idea.

Go check out her blog over here:

Of course I have more fashion bloggers whom I love but these are my two favourites at the moment. If you have any other bloggers you think I should follow, comment down below!


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