Leather has always been in fashion: aviators in the military started wearing leather jackets in the 1900s and they are still trendy today. Nowadays people have all types of leather clothing like dresses, berets and skirts. Wearing the real thing not okay anymore in our current society so many brands have opted for faux leather items. Topshop did that and they created the most amazing pleather culottes. This is how I style them:


When I was browsing through the sales section on Zalando I was so happy to find these culottes. When you’re a short girl, it can be quite a challenge to find the right fit. Topshop has their own petite range so I finally have the perfect trousers. So to all my fellow short girls: go check out Topshop’s petite section (they also have a tall section if you are not a midget).

faux leather trousers


My top is yet another sale item that I got when I was on holiday in Tenerife. Shops like Zara, Bershka and Pull&Bear are a lot cheaper in Spain. I managed to score this beautiful long sleeve shirt for only 1,99€! Stripes are always a good idea and they go really well with the vibe of the leather culottes.



Culottes and breton stripes are quintessentially French so obviously a beret had to top it all off. These hats were very trendy in the 90s and like chokers they are back in fashion today. This one from New Look is the perfect, classic beret for every Parisienne out there.

Want to see this outfit in action? Check out the video I made on my youtube channel.



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