La Parisienne, she has that certain je ne sais quoi. A look that many fashion lovers wish to achieve. Fashionistas in Paris all have one thing in common: their style is effortlessly chic. They have found the perfect way to style basics and make them look super fashionable. Want to get their style? Read on!

style parisienne


Every Parisienne needs a good Breton striped item. This iconic print originates from the French navy. Coco Chanel took notice of the print and incorporated it into her nautical collection. A new trend was created and the Breton striped top became an essential item. Nowadays You’ll find a simple stripy t-shirt, that they throw on with a simple pair of jeans, in every Parisienne’s closet. I think Zara is my favourite place to get stripy t-shirts because the quality is great and they are not too expensive.


Palazzo trousers are very on trend at the moment. Parisiennes love wearing clothes that have a loose fit so this item is exactly what you need. These types of pants give your ensembles a certain fluidity and make you look ultra refined. The navy ones that I’m wearing from Promiss match perfectly with the Breton striped shirt and my conductor hat.

style parisienne


Flats are an absolute essential to get the French style. They are basic and that’s just what French girls like. You can throw on your flats with anything and make it look classy. These Gucci style loafers from New Look are my personal favourite type of flat. The golden details give the shoes a nice elegant touch.

gucci loafers


Parisians love a good blazer, especially a black one. They also love beige, so this vintage blazer from Escada was the perfect choice. Neutral colours are what French style is all about and they match well with navy blue. Go for an oversized blazer to give your ensemble that effortless look you’re going for. You could even wear a men’s blazer to get that ” I slept over at my boyfriend’s place and just threw some things on” look.

style parisienne

Et voila, now you are ready to go to Paris and blend in with the French girls. Want to know how they get their make-up look? Go check out this video:

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