Fashionistas always get asked the same question: how would you describe your style? Some people have the perfect answer to that question but I never do. My style is like a chameleon, it changes according to the environment. I adapt my style according to my mood and where I am going. Today I transformed a streetstyle look with gingham trousers into an evening look.


If you want your outfit to be on fire, this is the look you need. This vibrant yellow t-shirt makes any outfit pop and works really well with black & white. Old Skool Vans and a metallic rucksack add an urban touch to the ensemble. Of course no streetstyle look is complete without a good leather jacket so I wore my favourite one from Mango.

outfit details:


Gingham trousers can go from street to sophisticated in the blink of an eye. A blazer transforms any outfit into a dressy look. This blue blouse adds a nice pop of colour to the monochrome ensemble. Golden accessories make the outfit appear even more fancy so I went for my pinko bag and some loafers.

outfit details:

Can’t get enough of these outfits? Go look at this video on my youtube channel:

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