Feeling empowered is different for every woman. For some it feels empowering to wear heels and for others covering up gives them that same feeling. Personally, one thing that makes me feel empowered is when I feel confident. Nothing does that better than pretty lingerie so I thought of a way to feel empowered all day long. I created two enchanting looks that you can wear from the bedroom to the office.

Petrol power

The first look is all about this beautiful velvet bodysuit from the Doutzen stories collection at Hunkemöller. First of all, the petrol colour is so so gorgeous and really makes my eyes stand out. On top of that, the shape is also super flattering and the golden details make it look super chic. I have paired it up with a fancy blazer, Some jeans and sexy boots to give me that extra confidence boost. You will blow everyone’s minds with this ensemble.

Satin strength

Nothing looks more elegant and powerful at the same time than a black satin cami. I absolutely adore wearing these at night because they feel so silky soft but styling them for daytime looks wasn’t easy. The ensemble I created is one of my favourite looks lately and I will be rocking this a lot. The white T-shirt underneath prevents awkward nip slips and gives you a casual chic look. The jeans and blazer elevate the look which will take you and your ensemble to a higher level in no time.

Velvet volt

Not all power must be used outside of the bedroom, sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself. These shorts and this bralette from the Doutzen Stories collection are super comfortable but they look amazing at the same time. Perfect to lounge around in or to wear for someone special at night.

Shop the collection now at Hunkemöller to create your own looks for day or night occasions!


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