Every morning when I go to my closet I think: “I have nothing to wear.” That is also always the biggest lie ever because I can’t fit anything into my closet anymore. Eventhough there’s plenty of things to choose from, I tend to wear the same thing all the time for like a month. The same thing happened in February and this is what I wore on repeat:


My first fashion favourite is one of my wardrobe essentials, which is a stripy t-shirt from Zara. I bought this a couple of years back and I have rediscovered it. It’s so easy to style but it gives every outfit a very effortless but chic look. I love wearing it with a leopard print jacket and a pair of jeans.

My next favourite is my pair of gingham trousers from DKNY. I recently bought these in a vintage shop and I was so glad I found them! They are the perfect fit, which is rare for me since I’m a petite girl. I love wearing them with my gucci style flats from New Look and a black coat.


One of my favourite accessories last month was my pair of patent leather boots. I bought them at Primark in Amsterdam because they were on sale for 5 euros. I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear them but I couldn’t not buy them. Now they are my favourite boots because they go with everything  and they add a special touch to my outfits.

This is not just a monthly favourite but I have been wearing my Pinko bag a lot! It’s just the perfect size and it goes with every outfit. I also filmed a what’s in my bag video so if you want to know what I keep in there, click here.

Now it’s time to go on to a next month with new favourite outfits on repeat!

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