In fashion, reinventing trends from the past is a very trendy thing to do. Chokers, velvet and even leather jackets are all items that were hot in the past. Some of them are easier to incorporate into your outfit than others though. That is why I am going to show you some key elements to adding little touches of the past into your wardrobe. Our first stop on our trip through time: the 80s.


Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be wearing the type of glasses my grandpa would have worn. At first I wasn’t sure if they suited me but when I picked up a pair at H&M it was love at first sight. These very 80s glasses look great with my pants from Bershka that might as well be from my grandpa’s closet. I topped the outfit with a white sweater and a shearling coat to face the cold.


If there was one thing you needed to own in the eighties, it had to have been an item with shoulderpads. From jackets to blouses, they all had big shoulderpads. This vintage blazer from Escada is the perfect item to style because it’s very simple but the shoulderpads give it a special twist. The rest of the outfit is all black to give it a modern twist. The LBD from Zara is a classic item that everyone needs. To add some texture I wore patent leather boots and dot tights from Primark. For a classy touch I wore my amazing Pinko bag.


Something that is very on trend right now is band t-shirts. They were also very popular in the 80s so they’re the perfect thing to wear! They can look very grungy though so to make it less ‘goth’ I decided to wear silver accessories. My boots from primark and my bag from Zara add a nice elegant touch. The skirt and shearling coat are the finishing touches.

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