In fashion, reinventing trends from the past is a very trendy thing to do. Chokers, velvet and even leather jackets are all items that were hot in the past. Some of them are easier to incorporate into your outfit than others though. That is why I am going to show you some key elements to adding little touches of the past into your wardrobe. We already covered the 80s so today we are looking at the 90s, my childhood years.


No nineties look was complete without a plaid item. They were worn by people with different styles going from grungy to urban. I found this plaid skirt in a vintage shop and decided to go for the “clueless” look. That movie defined 90s style and the leading role, Cher, was wearing a yellow plaid skirt. I took inspiration from both her and another character in that movie to create this look. A denim jacket is something that everybody owned in the 90s, so I had to incorporate that into an outfit. The red turtleneck adds a pop of colour and the knee socks top off the look.

  • Denim jacket: Calvin Klein
  • Sneakers: Converse
  • Plaid skirt: vintage  similar from Zalando
  • Mini backpack: similar from Asos
  • Red turtleneck jumper: h&m


Leather jackets have been in style for decades but they were specifically very trendy in the 90s. The so called nineties grunge style basically consisted of a leather jacket with a t-shirt underneath, some mom jeans and a pair of converse. The look I created was inspired by a picture of Drew Barrymore from the nineties.

  • Leather jacket: Mango
  • White t-shirt: H&M
  • Belt: Bershka
  • Mom jeans: Bershka
  • Converse
  • Sunglasses: Primark


Another grungy item from the nineties was a band t-shirt. I’m sure everyone has one of them today because band tees have made a serious comeback. If you want to wear them the nineties way, a leather jacket needn’t be far away. Just throw on some light washed mom jeans, converse and you’re good to go!

  • Band tee: vintage
  • mom jeans: Bershka
  • Converse
  • Leather jacket: Mango
  • Sunglasses: vintage


Slip dresses were originally meant to be worn as underwear. In the nineties, people started wearing them as outerwear. Et voilà, the underwear as outerwear trend was created. The way most people wore slip dresses was on top of a simple white t-shirt. Today, they often style a band tee with a plain slip dress on top.  I paired a leopard print slip dress with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket for a grungy nineties look.


  • Leather jacket: Mango
  • White t-shirt: H&M
  • Dress: Newlook
  • Converse
  • Bag: Newlook

Want to see more of this look? Go check out my youtube video!

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