There is no doubt about the fact that I am an absolute, utter shopaholic. It is both my favourite way to spend a rainy saturday and my hour of free therapy (one of those therapists that doesn’t talk back unless it’s the cashier). The best therapy for me is going into a vintage shop and looking for unique pieces. The fact that there is only one of them in the entire story almost makes it feel like a treasure hunt. Boy was my last hunt successful because I found the most perfect denim jacket: oversized, dark washed and the perfect fit.

Delicate denim

An oversized denim jacket doesn’t exactly scream classy, it’s usually the exact opposite. Even though this jacket automatically looks very casual I decided to dress it up this time. What better way to look sophisticated than with a pair of black heels and a leather skirt. These items are total closet essentials and can turn any outfit from trashy to classy in no time. A stripy top adds a touch of Parisienne, the definition of classy, to this look.

Denim decade

To me denim can easily give an outfit that vintage look. Since I am obsessed with the 50s and 60s, I love to incorporate elements from that time into my outfit. This ensemble is very much Brigitte Bardot inspired with the gingham trousers and the mules. I made it more modern by pairing the trousers up with a black top and a casual denim jacket. To add a pop of colour (and a couple of blisters to my feet), I wore my mustardy yellow mules.


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