Vichy or gingham is one of the most popular trends for spring. The fabric originates from France in the 18th century and has since had quite the revival. Brigitte Bardot was the queen of vichy in the sixties. She even got married in a pink gingham dress, which is exactly what inspired me for this outfit. No wedding bells for me, just a casual chic outfit.

Styling vichy is not that hard, you just wear a blouse with some black skinny jeans and that’s it. Pulling of trousers in the same fabric isn’t as easy because you can go from classy woman to chef real quick. This outfit is my “Brigitte Bardot with a touch of pink” look.

Even though monochrome is also a huge trend, a pop of colour really makes an outfit. A bubblegum pink jumper is the perfect item to top off an all black and white ensemble. Wearing a leather jacket will break the girliness of your jumper and add an edgy vibe. To stay in the same streetstyle look, combine some old fashioned glasses with old skool Vans.

Last but not least: get a croissant, put on a french accent and you will feel like the modern day Brigitte Bardot. Au revoir!

Outfit details:


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