It’s official, spring is finally here! Say goodbye to your scarves and hello to flowy dresses because you can finally get out your spring clothes. The new trends for this season are in stores right now so that means it’s time to do some serious shopping damage. Here’s what you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe:


Gingham is literally everywhere right now. Every shop you go to will at least have one gingham item, if not more. The print often goes hand in hand with embroidery but that’s not the easiest combo to pull off. A gingham shirt would be the best option because it’s super easy to style. Just throw it on with a pair of black mom jeans, converse and a leather jacket. If you prefer a girlier look, you could opt for a pink version and wear it with a blue denim skirt.

Some inspiration:


This is one of the most obvious trends that you see everywhere. If you had to describe shops with a book title at this point they would be called fifty shades of pink. I did a separate blogpost on this trend that you can check out here.

Some inspiration:


‘Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.’ in the words of Miranda Priestley. Floral prints are also in fashion this season and they are better than ever. On one hand you have really big floral prints and on the other hand there are very tiny asian style floral prints. One of my personal favs is a pink skirt from New Look, talk about killing two trends with one skirt right!

Some inspiration:


Many of the 80s trends are hot again for 2017, one of them being ruffles. They come in all shapes and sizes so there is an item with ruffles for everyone. I personally prefer a more subtle version so I would go for a shirt with ruffles on the sleeves for example.

Some inspiration:


You can’t go into a shop anymore without finding at least 10 items that have embroidery on them. This trend is omnipresent and one you need to have in your closet. If you like embroidered items but aren’t really sure if it suits you, go for an embroidered bag. Combined with a simple outfit it’s going to look absolutely amazing.

Want to know more about the upcoming trends? Go check out this video on my youtube channel!


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