I see bold accessories as a woman’s armour, a quote by Rachel Zoe that I live by every single day. To me, a good outfit without the right accessories is like making chilli con carne (my fav dish) without any seasoning: the result is bland, tasteless and ready for the bin. For every look there are four ingredients that will turn your ensemble from mild to spicy in a heartbeat.


Every woman is either a silver sister or a gold girl. Personally, I am always clad in gold jewellery because I feel like it exudes elegance. This season has revolved around signet rings, gold hoops and necklaces that make you look like a saint.


The first thing people notice when you walk into a room, even before seeing you, is the way you smell. Like Christian Dior once said: “a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting“. Make sure it’s a scent they want to remember, not one they want to get rid of with a reed diffuser. My go-to perfume is Eau Vive by Chanel, a fresh citrusy scent that will liven up any room you walk into.


Part of looking put together is making sure your makeup and nails look on point. Chipped cuticles have never been en vogue so I always make sure to have either fully painted nails or no nail polish at all. This season’s top colour picks? Metallics, navy and neutrals like beige, white and grey.


A phone is no longer just an appliance, it has become part of our outfits and is constantly glued to our hands. Although many of us, including myself, don’t always have a matching phone case to their outfit it is something that can elevate your style. You can never go wrong with a white marble case cause it is the definition of versatility. Want to spice up a plain look? Go for a snake print case.

Since I know how hard it is to find a good phone case I have discovered the perfect place for you: Ideal of Sweden. They sell the most fabulous cases AND on top of that I have a discount code. Use 20ZOE to get 20% of your purchase.

Et voila, with these tips you will look perfect from head to toe!

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